Getting a home inspection before you make the final decision on your new home purchase is vital. The report contains vaulable information that could save you money on costly future repairs. Here are five important reasons why you need a home inspection.

Home Inspection Tips

A home inspection report gives you the details you need to make an informed decision about your future home. The inspector checks the home for issues including structural defects and the home’s major systems along with minor problems. Attending your home inspection is one of the best ways to gain information and see firsthand what types of repairs are needed to make the house safe and livable.

You Need a Home Inspection to Uncover Safety Issues

Identifying safety issues during a home inspection will help protect you and your family. Your inspection may reveal problems like faulty wiring, signs of water damage, and mold. Ask your inspector to test the home for radon to make sure it doesn’t have elevated levels.

Reveals Problems with Major Systems and Structure

The home inspector will check major systems throughout the home to make sure that they are in good working order before the close of the sale. This includes the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. Any significant problems with these components may cause you to reconsider your purchase.

The foundation of your new home is another key area that requires a thorough inspection. Inspectors will walk the interior and exterior of the property opening and closing doors and windows and examining walls for cracks and holes that could be a sign of insect infestation.

Home Inspection Contingency

Home inspections give you important information about your potential home and also provide you with a way out of your contract should any major problems be discovered.

Contingency clauses can be written into the sales contract to protect you if you decide not to go through with the purchase after you receive your inspection report. Depending on the results of the inspection, the seller may agree to make repairs or lower the list price to prevent the buyer from walking away.

Estimates Maintenance Costs

The age and condition of major components like water heaters, plumbing, HVAC units, and even the roof are assessed during a home inspection. This will give you a general idea of future maintenance costs, including repairs and when the system may need replacement. You’ll know the remaining life expectancies so you can better prepare for those expenses.

You Need a Home Inspection for Negotiation Leverage

Negotiation leverage is one of the best reasons to get a home inspection since it equips you with valuable information about the home’s major systems and structure. Using the inspection results, you can request a lower price or ask the seller to make the necessary repairs to close the deal. If you have a contingency clause in place, you can also opt out of the sale.

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