Most of us love spending time outdoors, but it’s not as enjoyable when it’s cold. Chilly weather means you have to bundle up or stay indoors to be comfortable. Fortunately, there are easy ways to keep an outdoor space warm and inviting even when the temperature dips. You can enjoy time outside with friends and family, even in the cooler months. Here are six easy ways to warm your outdoor living spaces.

Add a Fire Pit for a Warm Outdoor Space

Fire pits are one of the most popular types of outdoor heating because they are inexpensive to purchase and simple to use. Fire pits are either wood or gas-powered and are an excellent focal point for group gatherings. They’re available in a range of shapes, sizes, and materials that match any design scheme. They’re also a great way to add ambiance to your outside space.

However, fire pits are not appropriate in every outdoor living space, so use caution. A fire pit shouldn’t be used on a deck or porch with a roof or awning. They’re best for providing warmth to outdoor decks, courtyards, open-air porches, and gardens.

Buy a Fire Table

If you don’t have the right space for a fire pit, consider a portable, prefabricated fire table. A fire table can be placed in almost any location because they are usually lightweight and it will provide heat to your outdoor space whenever needed.

Look for a fire table that’s CSA certified. These tables have been tested and determined safe for outdoor use. Unlike fire pits, fire tables don’t create sparks or embers and can be used safely on a covered porch that’s properly ventilated. Refer to the owner’s manual for more specific information.

Use Electric or Propane Heaters for a Warm Outdoor Space

There are many different kinds of outdoor heaters on the market. These types of heaters are especially popular with restaurants that have outdoor seating areas because they’re safe, easy to use, and low-maintenance.

Outdoor space heaters are great for warming up your deck, porch, or patio. The conventional floor-standing tower design is popular, however, you’ll find other options online or at a hardware store. In some areas, propane is less expensive than commercially available seasoned firewood.

Add Heated Seats to Your Outdoor Space

Camping enthusiasts and sports fans use portable heated cushions to enjoy the outdoors during chilly weather and it’s easy to see why: the seat cushions are sturdy, portable, and cozy. Some models also offer massage along with heat.

You’ve probably already added patio furniture or weather-resistant chairs to your deck or porch, but you can go the extra mile with heated seat cushions so your friends and family can be warmer outdoors.

Invest in Heated Floors

Install a radiant heating system beneath the flooring to extend the season of your deck or patio. Heated floors are becoming more popular for outdoor surfaces, despite their common association with interior spaces. These systems can be used to preheat your patio or deck before spending time outside.

Heated floors have the added benefit of melting snow and preventing surfaces from becoming icy. Heated flooring should always be installed by a professional.

Build a Protective Structure to Keep an Outdoor Space Warm

Make your outside space more welcoming in the cooler months by minimizing gusts of chilly wind or precipitation that make cold temperatures even colder. Build an attractive barrier that also serves as a privacy fence or wall, or look online for weatherproof insulating outdoor curtains.

If you have the budget, build a shelter to shield you from the elements. A pergola, gazebo, or overhead trellis will give your outdoor area more protection from the weather without breaking the bank.

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