Getting the Most from Your Home Warranty

A builder’s warranty inspection is a critical step to keep your newly built home free from issues for years to come. It’s common for home builders to offer a standard 12-month warranty that covers repairing issues with both materials and home construction. After this period ends, the homeowner is responsible for any needed repairs. This is why a builder’s warranty inspection should be performed in the 11th month before the end of the warranty period.

Responsibility for Repairs

The best reason why a homeowner should have an inspection completed on their home before the warranty expires is that the builder is responsible for making construction-related repairs.  Even seemingly small mistakes become costly if not dealt with in a timely manner.

Get a Builder’s Warranty Inspection Because Mistakes Can Be Hidden

New homeowners who are excited about their purchase will often overlook issues with their newly built home. A home inspector is more objective and will spot mistakes that others might not see. House components that are out of sight, such as plumbing, electrical wiring, and the home’s foundation are vital to the value of a property and should be checked by a professional inspector.

Potential House Hazards

Some home repairs are significantly more costly than the price of a builder’s warranty inspection. Homeowners gain peace of mind knowing that their investment is free of defects or that the issues found during the inspection are covered by the builder’s warranty.

City Building Inspections Are Not Comprehensive

Depending on where you live, a city building inspector will perform a municipal inspection which clears the home for occupancy. This inspection only reviews basic building codes and does not cover the same aspects as a home inspection. With a warranty inspection, you will get a comprehensive report on the home and any potential issues.

A proper home warranty inspection is the best tool for homeowners to keep their homes in great shape and save on costly repairs related to the original construction.

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